CHAIMELEON M44 Consortium Meeting

The annual CHAIMELEON Consortium Meeting held in Pisa on April 9-10, 2024 showcased strides in utilising artificial intelligence (AI) for cancer diagnosis and treatment focussing on key updates and challenges facing the project.

The meeting began with an overview of project status followed by key discussions on platform validation and data integration. Presentations emphasised the importance of external validation and collaboration in refining AI solutions. In addition, an update on the project’s dissemination activities was provided. On the second day, an overview of the results of the Open Challenges was provided and experts shared advancements in AI solutions and insights into in-silico validation processes. A roundtable discussion explored translating technical work into clinical value, highlighting the project’s interdisciplinary approach. Addressing sustainability and legal considerations, participants outlined and discussed the plans for future integration and image harmonization. The meeting concluded with a focus on next steps and resource management.