First project year complete

CHAIMELEON has successfully completed its first year. During the first twelve months of the project, the partners laid the foundations for the design and set-up of the CHAIMELEON repository on a technical, clinical, and legal level.

The partners surveyed existing initiatives and established an Imaging Health Data Map that gives the project the opportunity to learn from best practices that will assist the consortium in designing and setting-up the CHAIMELEON repository. At the same time the legal grounds and all ethical and legal/regulatory principles were defined. Based on this, the interim design architecture to implement the CHAIMELEON repository was established: user roles, user stories, use cases, and requirements were collated, described, and analysed. This work will inform the further technical development of the repository but can also serve as general guidance for building a repository. As most of the components are released under open-source licenses, the guidance provided may assist researchers in employing the CHAIMELEON design for building repositories to address similar problems.

Moreover, the partners have prepared for data collection at the local level at each data provider site for their future upload onto the central CHAIMELEON repository defining the clinical objectives and related data to be collected, ensuring regulatory compliance, implementing tools for automatic extraction and curation of data from different sources, and enabling technical readiness for the deployment of these tools and connection to the hospital’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and the different clinical data sources at the local level.

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