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The CHAIMELEON Open Challenges is a competition designed to train and refine AI models to answer clinical questions about five types of cancer: prostate, lung, breast, colon, and rectal.

CHAIMELEON Open Challenges

Participants are challenged to collaborate and develop innovative AI-powered solutions that can significantly impact cancer diagnosis, management, and treatment. They will be evaluated considering a balance between the performance of their AI algorithms to predict different clinical endpoints such as disease staging, treatment response or progression free survival and their trustworthiness. Those who take on the challenge can win a total prize pool of €20,000 per challenge, split amongst the winners, with €100,000 in prizes.

By joining the CHAIMELEON Open Challenges, researchers will have access to quality datasets, including radiological medical images and clinical variables, to train their AI models.

The competition is divided into two phases:

  • Classification Phase, until October 31, 2023: In this phase, any participant can join and download a highly controlled cancer dataset. The dataset will consist of post-processed (i.e., harmonized) images associated with specific clinical variables, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. Using your own resources, you’ll train your AI models and compete to be among the top on the leaderboard.
  • Championsip Phase, from November 1 to December 31, 2023: The top participants will be invited to compete on an even grander stage, using the CHAIMELEON platform to train their algorithms. This phase will include five different challenges, one for each cancer type, with a total prize pool of 20k€ per challenge, split among the winners. Both original and harmonized images, along with all associated clinical data, will be available to participants who have passed the qualifying round cut-off point. The same computational resources will be assigned to each participant; therefore, each participant can decide which challenges to tackle and apply their strategies accordingly.

Registration for the CHAIMELEON Open Challenge is now open, and the challenge begins in July 2023.

Join the fight against cancer with the CHAIMELEON Open Challenges!


The CHAIMELEON Open Challenges comply with the strictest data privacy regulations and ethical standards.


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