Over its four years of research, the CHAIMELEON project will achieve a number of key results on its path to developing an open, accessible EU-wide interoperable data repository as a resource for testin AI-based solutions for cancer management. The list below contains the project’s public deliverables and will be updated as the project progresses.

D11.1 Dissemination toolkit31/12/2020DOWNLOAD
D3.1 Accessible Imaging Health Data Map31/05/2021DOWNLOAD
D3.2 Interim Platform Design31/8/2021DOWNLOAD
D11.2 First Dissemination and Communication Plan31/8/2021 DOWNLOAD
D3.4 Final Platform Design28/2/2022DOWNLOAD
D10.1 Prospective assessment of the Repository sustainability28/2/2022DOWNLOAD
D8.1 Readiness to call the Open Challenges30/06/2023DOWNLOAD
D6.7 Comparative assessment of the proposed harmonisation approaches31/08/2023DOWNLOAD
D10.2 Action Plan for Repository Sustainability31/08/2023DOWNLOAD
D11.6 Final dissemination and communication plan31/08/2023DOWNLOAD